Monday, April 17, 2017

The Road

Wrote this some time ago when I was a bit effed up. Thought I could post it here and claim 2 posts in a week. "Alpathanam.Thiruthha mudiyathu di. Ungala ellaam thiruthave mudiyathu!"...haha

The Road

This road has been excruciatingly long
I have walked its entire span step after step 
This road has been dark
Getting only darker by the day
I have groped around in its eerie nothingness, fell, got back up and continued on
This road has been lonely
As Lonely as it can get
The Loneliness itself being my only companion
I have hollered , begged and yelled only to be slapped back into its solitary depths

This road seems to lead nowhere
I have explored all of its forks and wandered through the wretched vastness of it all only to find my way back to where I began
This road has been hopeless
Just when I thought I saw a sliver of hope, it was just an illusion
I have struggled and battled in its never ending misery - trying to find a way out again and again
My silent pleas of mercy, calls for help were never heard.
My resources were dwindling - every wee bit of it
I was exhausted. I was ready to let the road take over and then just then , omg - omfucking god - I see light- I see company- I see the end and I see hope.
The road does exist and it is not a figment of my imagination
Yes! The road is true alright.But then so is HOPE.
Keep walking. 

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Balaji Srinivasan said...

Keep on walking and you might bump into me one day. I am on this excruciatingly long road too, battling the same demons. :-)

This fan is glad that you have resumed writing. :-)